The Haj Service is staffed by competent Aalims and Aalima who provide individualised assistance to each pilgrim, provide orientation sessions prior to departure, and accompany the groups while they are on pilgrimage. The price of the haj package covers airfare, visa fees, lodging, food, laundry, and sightseeing. All prices are fixed per person and are NOT negotiable! Any increase in the cost of the flight, currency conversion, or lodging before departure must be covered by the traveller.

Stay @ Star Hotel located very near to Haram Sharif’s

Pre Departure seminars & Guidance

Separate Transportation arrangement for Mina/Arafath/Muzdhalifa/Mina and also for Zamrath and Tawaf-U-Ziarat

Providing 24 Hours (Telephonic) Assistance

Comfortable accommodation in Azizia, Mina & Arafath


umrah Service

Muslims always make the “small pilgrimage” known as umrah when they enter Mecca. For Muslims who live in Mecca, it is also commendable, though optional. Although pilgrims have the option of conducting the umrah individually or in conjunction with the hajj, some fusion of the two was only inevitable given how similar it was to the important and required Islamic pilgrimage (hajj). Similar to the hajj, pilgrims enter the umrah in the ihram state (ritual purity). They enter Mecca and make a formal statement (nyah) of desire to do the umrah before circumnavigating the Ka’bah seven times.

Accommodation in Walkable Distance (350-500 Meters)

Delicious South indian / North Indian / Malaysian Dihes

Hosipitality for Medically Sick peoples

Providing 24 Hours (Telephonic) Assistance

Comfortable accommodation in Azizia, Mina & Arafath


Special Guidance by Aalims for Umrah
Guidance for Ziarath at Makkah and Madina, Mina, Arafath & Muzdalif